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The All-Stat Way

We not only provide service 24/7 but have a 24/7 Client Service Department ensuring that there will always be someone to answer your questions. Our Client Relations Team will ensure that you are satisfied with our services and help with all of your training, in-servicing, and Quality Assurance needs.

We not only use the latest hospital-grade equipment but utilizes the most advanced EMR/RIS system allowing for online ordering and seamless bi-directional EMR integration with our clients. Our technology is secured by the most advanced suite of software, ensuring all PHI is protected.

We not only say that we will provide fast service, but we have a verified STAT turnaround time of under 4 hours from order to results. However, our routine times almost eliminate the need for STAT request in conjunction with our promise of communication if there is a delay.

We not only provide our services with certified clinicians and board-certified radiologists and cardiologists, but our Client Service Department reviews every image and report to ensure accuracy and that the patient's clinical question are answered. All-Stat is proud to have a confirmed Accuracy Rate of 99.6%.

Who We Are

01 About Us

All-Stat Portable has been a proud provider of portable diagnostics since 1978. During that time, we have grown to become a premier full-service portable diagnostic company with unmatched quality care provided to every patient. We strive to be a strategic partner to our clients by providing the radiology, cardiac, vascular access, and nursing services they need to enhance the level of care they can provide to their patients.

Who We Are

02 Mission

To be a strategic partner to our post-acute, at-home, and commercial health care partners so they are able to accurately care for their patients with the help of our specialized services.

Who We Are

03 Vision

To be the national leader in portable diagnostic imaging.

Who We Are

04 Values

1. Provide Care with Compassion

2. Treat others with Respect.

3. Act with Integrity

4. Strive for Perfection.

Who We Are

05  Opportunity

All-Stat is looking for passionate dedicated healthcare providers to join our dynamic rapidly growing team. Benefits include: Excellent health coverage, competitive salaries with bonuses, 401K, and flexible schedules.

Leadership Team

Associations and Payers

All-Stat Portable strives to enhance our services and improve our strategic partnership with our clients by supporting professional organizations and working with many different payers. This ensures that we provide the highest quality services at the right price.